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Coming to Rochester Institute of Technology
a lecture by art critic Carol Diehl
Tuesday, May 12th at 5 pm
in Webb auditorium, Booth Building ( 7a )
You are all welcome to come over and hear Carol Diehl speak about Banksy, his life and his work.
Carol is coming to spend the day at Rochester Institute of Technology, to speak with students about their artwork, and to give critiques on student artwork.  Later in the day she will focus our attention on the elusive figure of Banksy, and I can’t wait till that 5 p.m. when she fills me in.
Banksy Completed
After Banksy’s self-styled month-long New York “residency” in October, 2013, where he produced a work of art in one of the five boroughs each day, Carol Diehl spent several months making a serious investigation into his work. Her inquiry resulted in an as-yet-unpublished essay that she has given as a lecture at California State University/Fullerton, where a residency supported her research, as well as the Berkshire Museum (MA) and the University for the Creative Arts (U.K.). She is also featured in the HBO documentary, “Banksy Does New York” (2013).

“Arguably the world’s most famous living artist and a hero to many young people, the anonymous British street artist known as Banksy is regarded with suspicion, if not outright derision, by the established American art world,” says Diehl. Following the clues embedded in his work and writings as well as his 2011 Academy-Award nominated film, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, Diehl continues, “I discovered that Banksy’s seemingly flippant interventions are driven by profound philosophical principles—and concluded that Banksy is one of the most important artists of our time who, among other things, challenges the culture to reconsider what art is, as well as its value and purpose.”

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