Wild Wings

Mr. Prvrt strikes again!
  his art is featured at the 1975 Gallery
  in the show ” All Things Wild and Free”

Part of the proceeds from Mr. Prvrt’s latest show will be donated to Wild Wings, a wonderful volunteer organization that rehabilitates birds that have been injured and can no longer sustain themselves in the wild.  Mr. Prvrt is an artist whose artwork has been seen as part of Wall/Therapy. and at the 1975 Gallery he brings his work indoors, with 30 plus pieces that will hang out for a few more days this month ( til March 29th ).

One can marvel at the patience it takes to cut all the stencils by hand needed for the very realistic portrayal of the birds and animals on view in this show.  A few of the images border on kitsch but many of these spray paintings express a real passion for the natural and the particular look of fur or feathers.

Some of the subjects were familiar to me as I have asked Wild Wings volunteers to bring their live birds to my classroom at R.I.T. so students can draw from a primary source.  Mr. Prvrt makes a strong case in his paintings that almost work as icons from the natural world   ( see Rosalie above in the painting titled “The Pharoah’s Daughter ).  I couldn’t help but wonder about the fates of these animals, but I know that the volunteers at Wild Wings do a great job and are very dedicated to the birds and animals they protect and nurture.  At the crowded opening, the birds were being admired, and many of the paintings were sold, so it is great to see people investing in this cause.

Spray paintings by Mr. Prvrt
at 1975 Gallery,
Rochester, NY

check out the video: http://vimeo.com/88084101
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