Reasons To Be Cheerful

Arthur and Alan Singer
from their book “State Birds”
published by Lodestar Books

Season’s Greetings to you all.  We do have reasons to be cheerful – in our neck of the woods we will now have a ban on fracking.  That’s right, here in New York State – Anna Sears and Nedra Harvey among others, have been diligent in their fight for clean air, clean water, and they have battled the forces lined up against them in the oil industry – and these activists have prevailed! CONGRATULATIONS!
We want to see the sun so we are on our way out west and my next report will be from way out yonder. Now that I have gotten my grades in, I can think about next semester in sunnier climes.
Rochester Contemporary Art Center
24th Annual Members Exhibition

Before I leave, I want to thank Blue Cease and the volunteers at Rochester Contemporary Art Center for putting together an encyclopedic Annual show.  There is so much artwork, in so many styles that it is hard to sum up.  I did see that a few pieces have already been sold, and people were busy putting their yellow dot of appreciation next to the artwork that they liked the best.
Tom Lightfoot’s
mixed media portrait
on the right

A few people I know were in the show, and it is always good to see some of my students past and present in the mix.  Melissa Mance had a fine portrait of a Snowy Owl on the wall, and my friend and colleague – Tom Lightfoot had an interesting mixed media portrait next to a mosaic in a window frame.  In the back was a large piece by John Kastner that had his usual blend of mayhem.  Patti Ambrogi had a very calm and peaceful ( and green) forest photo, and there were many other interesting creative pieces on display.  Take some time to go and see this show and the great variety of talent we have right here around us.
Patti Ambrogi  below

See, I told you there were reasons to be cheerful!
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