Plain as Day

David Dorsey at
The Oxford Gallery
267 Oxford Street, Rochester, NY

“The Heart’s Unrest” is the unlikely title for the show hanging now at The Oxford Gallery through April 11th, 2015.
Even though I am familiar with the subjects of Charles Houseman’s paintings I am more in tune with the second artist’s work ( David Dorsey ) because of its plain forthrightness.  Since I’ve painted in many botanic gardens in the past, I am a bit jaded when I come to the vistas painted by Mr. Houseman, but I am more alert to the facility with which David Dorsey has painted the flowers and other treats in this show.  One could say it is the difference between a romantic’s view of formal gardens, and the more factual approach that Mr. Dorsey brings to his still life paintings.
Skull by David Dorsey at
The Oxford Gallery

Both artists have skills, but I like the clarity of color in Mr. Dorsey’s art, which seems to be painted from life even though the final product has a photo-realists’ sense of space and detail.  Frequently in this show David Dorsey brings a larger-than-life appearance to his subject matter, which begins to have a bit of the theatrical in its presentation.  For this viewer, one can study how the painter made me believe in what he was doing.  An example of this is the oil painting titled: “Onion on a Carved Table”.  When you look at the painting you can see how the artist transformed paint to create the illusion of a polished wood surface, down to the dents and almost palpable reflections.
A really appropriate show for early spring, with its berries, flowers and landscapes.  Go an see this show and enjoy a solid achievement that’s as plain as day.
Charles Houseman at
The Oxford Gallery
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