Graffiti With Punctuation

Some wag said blogs were “graffiti with punctuation”.  While this might initially get a laugh – blogs do what print journalism seemed to miss, especially when it comes to the visual arts in our community, and that is to get around to see more of what is going on and to address a response that was more than regurgitating a press release.

When traditional newspapers fail to cover openings of shows, or give spotty coverage at best – they cut the links to everyone except the most dedicated gallery goers.  If you were an artist who worked on materials for a show for a couple of years, you would want to be recognized.  Today, it is all-out competition for your attention, and at the moment the sports-entertainment industry seems to be winning, so why take pot shots at bloggers?

Years ago, I was paid to write about the visual arts, but now I do it on my own – for free- with the help of the First Fridays site as a sounding board.  Content providers in the arts are often working on their own- nobody commissions this work, and I hasten to add artists of all stripes say they do it for love, and because they cannot not do it.  When questions are raised about how long one can keep this up, I say as long as I am able..

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