Father’s Day

” 6 x 6 ” 2013
     Rochester ContemporaryArt Center, Rochester, NY

I took a break from my painting of an iris blooming in my backyard to look around at the latest incarnation of ” 6 x 6 ” at RoCo.  This fundraiser never disappoints- there is something for everyone  and the price point for works of art was never better!

The official greeter at the gallery let me know that the exhibition contained over six thousand tiny works of art and that more than 1400 have been sold – towards a goal of selling over 2000 before the show closes July 14th.  The show and sale opened last week and sales continue also online where you can slowly view the entire collection.

The fun thing about this is that the artworks are all anonymous – that is,  there is no signature on the front to identify who made the art – all the buyer needs to do is plunk down their $20. and it is theirs.
Artists donate their artwork to help RoCo raise the money they need to operate.  I donated three small prints and they are hiding in plain sight, maybe someone will find them!

The show itself is hard to categorize beyond the size of the works aligned in a grid on the wall.  Many of the three dimensional works have already been sold and I think textures go a long way towards attracting attention.  Some of the art is easily identified with their creator – so if you are up on your contemporary art, and know the work of many artists – you probably can spot some works by a favorite artist, and then go and try to buy one for your own collection.

1975 Gallery mural

This summer keep your eyes open for murals being painted.  Last year there was quite a lot of attention being paid to the murals near the Farmer’s Market.  I saw this wonderful mural on the side of the 1975 Gallery with a fresh coat of bright red on a clear day in June.  The initiative to bring murals to the street can be very interesting and a calling card for something a city has to offer.  Just take a look sometime when you are in Philadelphia, PA.  The murals there attract so much attention – there are regular tours to go and see what’s up.

Now I have to get back to my painting before the light goes, or it starts to rain again!

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