Balloons Matter, A Pop-Up Show

A Pop-Up Show at
   The Sibley Building

Airigami sends up Jack and the Beanstalk to great heights!

We joined many others at The Sibley Building the other day to see the latest construction by Airigami, a team of experts who put up a five story sculpture that was truly eye-popping!

How many balloons did it take to do that?
Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle make a great case for getting the whole family out to see their creations, and this “Jack and the Beanstalk” had to be seen to be believed.  It is fun, and serious at the same time.
The illustrious aspect – full of visual puns – has the ability to capture the attention of kids who may want to know the story and how it is done, which may lead into a discussion – the serious side – of how do you make something that tall, full of air, that won’t collapse?
Looking down from the monster’s lair
Kudos to the team that pumped it up and put something together for families to marvel at. This kind of thing makes Rochester a fun place to be- even in the midst of winter!
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